Fermented Soil Fertilizer used in commercial horticulture, ICI and cannabis grow operations

Good Green Earth Bokashi ProGro Bucket

Current growing methods use harmful chemicals that strip vital nutrients and minerals from plants, leaving the soil depleted and dry. Bokashi Pro–Gro™ will help your plants flourish without the need for added chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Using the unique process of fermentation incorporating beneficial bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms, your plants and fruits will be healthier and fuller in just weeks.

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Large scale bokashi composting is an excellent alternative to conventional waste management solutions. Business and organizations today are continually looking for ways to decrease their carbon footprint and show their stakeholders what they are doing to be more environmentally conscious. Implementing a bokashi based waste management solution from Good Green Earth Co. can help you do just that.

ICI Waste Solutions with Good Green Earth

Bokashi Composting for Commercial Facilities

Learn more about how bokashi organic composting can help your business reduce waste management costs and help your facility become more environmentally friendly.

Food Producer Waste Solutions with Good Green Earth

Bokashi Composting for Food Processors

Handling waste is a natural part of any food processing operation. Learn how you can turn your waste into nutrient rich soil right on your property, and how that soil can yield larger, healthier crops.

Cannabis Growers Waste Solutions with Good Green Earth

Bokashi Composting for Cannabis Operators

Do you run a commercial cannabis operation? Learn more about the specific benefits to using bokashi composting as part of your growing process.