Save Money and Make Your Own Organic Cannabis Fertilizer!

Cannabis Growers Waste Solutions with Good Green Earth

The commercial cannabis industry is increasing rapidly and the primary focus for any grower is to produce a high quality crop. At the same time, growers face strict licensing requirements for waste disposal and are constantly looking for the best ways to add waste efficiency to their operation. Large scale bokashi composting is the perfect solution to each of these unique challenges.

The Marijuana Waste Granulator by Good Green Earth Co. is a powerful machine designed to make dealing with cannabis waste fast and easy. Using our unique Bokashi Plus compost accelerator, you can turn all of the waste from your operation, including root balls, into nutrient-rich, incredibly healthy cannabis fertilizer within weeks. The system uses a 55 gallon barrel, which will hold approximately 400 pounds of cannabis waste.

Create the Best Soil to Grow Cannabis Right at Your Own Facility!

Making Organic Fertilizer for Cannabis is Easy With Just Six Steps!

Organic Cannabis Fertilizer Step 1

1. Add

Sprinkle a handful of Bokashi Plus™ into each 5 gallon bucket of cannabis waste.

Organic Cannabis Fertilizer Step 2

2. Pour

Dump the 5 gallon bucket of mixture into the top of the Marijuana Granulator and let the machine work it’s magic to pulverize the waste.

Organic Cannabis Fertilizer Step 3

3. Seal

Move the machine to the side and seal up the barrel with the band clamp lid provided with the system.

Organic Cannabis Fertilizer Step 4

4. Wait

Your cannabis waste will be transformed into a bio-pulp in approximately 10 days.

Organic Cannabis Fertilizer Step 5

5. Bury

Till the fermented bio-pulp into soil. After approximately 2 weeks it will be ready for planting.

Organic Cannabis Fertilizer Step 6

6. Grow

Use the nutrient-rich, super healthy soil as your own organic cannabis fertilizer and watch as the beneficial microorganisms strengthen your crops.

Your plants will thank you!

"Our plants now are as healthy as can be and we find that with Bokashi Pro-Gro they have built a natural immune system to fight off pests and disease, and our yield is now on par with our hydroponic gardens."

- Head Medical Marijuana Grower, Consultant

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