The only organic fertilizer you’ll ever need!

Good Green Earth Bokashi ProGro Bucket

Current growing methods use harmful chemicals that strip vital nutrients and minerals from plants, leaving the soil depleted and dry. Bokashi Pro–Gro™ will help your plants flourish without the need for added chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. Using the unique process of fermentation incorporating beneficial bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms, your plants and fruits will be healthier and fuller in just weeks.

Once you go Bokashi, you won’t go back!

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi Pro–Gro™ is an all natural, high-quality living organic fertilizer, made from Non-GMO Canadian wheat bran, vitamins, minerals, and superfood.

Bokashi has been used for centuries as an alternative to traditional composting methods. Bokashi uses beneficial microorganisms to essentially pickle organic waste, maintaining its high nutrient content, eliminating harmful pathogens naturally and, best of all, creating naturally healthy soil that produces strong, productive, disease-free plants!

Uses and Benefits of Bokashi Pro-Gro™

After a few uses of Bokashi Pro–Gro™ you will start to see a variety of benefits including vibrant and healthy looking fruits and vegetables, increased nutrients, better flavour, and a stronger crop yield. Bokashi Pro–Gro™ will also save you money on watering costs and reduce the amount of surface runoff into our environment.

ICI Waste Solutions Step 6

Gardening / Organic Fertilizer

  • 1 cup of Pro-Gro™ to 1 cubic ft of soil.
  • Great for No-Till gardening. Utilize the benefits of mulch layers and top dressing per instructions.
ICI Waste Solutions Step 5

Top Dressing / Mulch Layer

  • Every square foot add 1/4 cup of Pro-Gro™
  • Add 1/3 cup minerals (e.g., carbonatite, azomite, dolomite)
  • Add 1” of high-quality compost and 1” of high-quality mulch
  • Apply every 2-3 weeks

Foliar Feed and Soil Soak

  • Add 1/4 cup of Bokashi Pro-Gro to 1 gal. of water
  • Add 2 tbsp of molasses or natural honey
  • Mix well and leave lid loosely covering container for 48–72 hours

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