Use Organic Commercial Composting to Help Your Facility Go Green, While Saving Green.

ICI Food Waste Solutions with Good Green Earth

Large scale bokashi composting is built perfectly for industrial and commercial uses. Facilities face expensive costs when managing their waste disposal, but using implementing a commercial composting system can reduce your company’s conventional waste collection load.

The Good Green Earth Co.™ large scale bokashi solution uses a high powered granulator, which allows your business to handle food waste in a way that is odour free and highly beneficial to your property. The microorganisms used in the bokashi composting method create a nutrient-rich, high quality, and super healthy soil you can reuse around your building’s landscaping.

Does your facility struggle with waste management solutions?

Spending too much on waste management? Industrial composting helps you save money and it’s cleaner for the environment!

ICI Waste Solutions Step 1

1. Add

Sprinkle a handful of Bokashi Plus™ into each 5 gallon bucket of food waste your facility has accumulated.

ICI Waste Solutions Step 2

2. Pour

Dump the 5 gallon bucket of mixture into the top of the granulator and let the machine work it’s magic to pulverize the waste.

ICI Waste Solutions Step 3

3. Seal

Move the machine to the side and seal up the barrel with the band clamp lid provided with the system.

ICI Waste Solutions Step 4

4. Wait

Your organization’s food waste will be transformed into a bio-pulp in approximately 10 days. At this point, you will need to drain the liquid fertilizer off the top of the barrel. This “liquid gold” can be used in a variety of ways.

ICI Waste Solutions Step 5

4. Bury

Dig the fermented waste into your organization’s gardens or add it to your soil factory. Alternatively, you can add it to an existing compost pile and cover it with soil.

ICI Waste Solutions Step 6

4. Grow

The compost will be broken down and ready to use as nutrient-rich, organic soil within 2-3 weeks.

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